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What is going on in Fukushima ?

>Meltout.(not meltdown.not even melt through.) Melted fuel rods are touching the underground water vein.

What may happen ?

>At the best,massive pollution will be caused,esp to ocean.At the worst,hydrovolcanic explosion will blast 2466tof Uranium.(1233 times as Hiroshima bomb,19 times as Chernobyl.)

What are they trying to do ?

>They are trying to build water cooling system,and try to build a tent to cover reactor 1.

Do they work ?

>No and no. Melted fuel rods are not in the container vessel anymore.Water cooling system is only to circulate water "above" the fuel,which makes nothing cool. and the tent doesn't stand for the wind faster than 25m/s. When a typhoon hits it,tent will fall off and damage the reactor more.

Government announce ?

>7/9/2011 (Saturday,stock market is closed.),Japanese pm Kan stated it will take 20 years.(If a dream technology is invented and enable us to pick up the fuel.)

What is Tepco doing ?

>They manipulate the data of how much we consume electricity to make us believe that we need nuc plants.

>They "live streams" Fukushima plants at…
but this is highly likely to be a recorded video replayed over and over,because it's different from another live camera of TBS… is from almost the same angle.(The later one shows a crane but the former one doesn't.)

What do Japanese people do ?

>They demonstrate for stopping all the nuc plants and some of the journalists sue the president of Tepco etc..

What's not on public media ?

>More and more children have nose bleed and are sent to hospital for heat disorder.They try to explain that is because this year is unusually hot but statistically,this year is not specially
Nose bleed and fatigue are typical symptoms of low level exposure.

>Deformed animals and plants are reported such as earless rabbit or deformed leaves,unusually large fruits etc..though there's no evidence to show it's higher than average rate.

What am I doing ?

>I export Japanese pop culture items for my side business but I recommend my customers not to buy them because I don't want to export radiation.Instead of that,I'm "exporting" news from all over Japan to overseas.Data can't be I post a lot of information on my facebook.(Find me at "Mochizuki Cheshire Iori". ) because fb is easy to post.

What is likely to happen next ?

>High level of pollution will keep going on,esp for ocean.

>Safe food will be in demand next year.

>All kinds of sea food will be contaminated worldwide.

>This situation will be going on for decades at least.

>Radiation risk will affect Japanese economy and US economy.

What do I think ?

>Fukushima won't be fixed in this century.Japan will fall to be a developing country like Russia after Soviet.US will have debt default.Euro will fall off.The world wide cash will flow into Chinese Yuan and it will cause a movement for democracy.
so I won't be in Japan for so long.

What will I do ?

>I start transferring cash into (P2P virtual currency). and will solve a problem about visa to stay abroad long. Until then,I will keep "exporting" news about what's really happening in Japan. I know news you see out side of Japan is very censored.
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